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What is needed to make beer from all-grain?

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asked 3 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

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The Minimum That I know of is done by a proficient brewer I know.
his setup consists of 2 ea. 5 gallon brew pots,A reliable Instant read thermometer, a hydrometer, a very fine strainer bag, a large metal strainer and a chiller coil and,6 gallon plastic bucket with air lock.
He brews crushed malts in the Bag,then transfers to the 2nd. pot by draining all the wort from the bag. the first pot (Mash Tun)now becomes a h.l.t. for sparge water and to top up the 2nd pot after the boil.
answered 2 years ago by Organic_Mechanic (520 points)

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