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Beer in secondary will not clear

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I have brewed 200 gallons of beer. My last 2 brews I change my sanitizer to Starsan from Idophor. I used 1oz of starsan to 5 gallons of water. I got lots of foam in my secondary carboys and it made the neck opening so slick that the bubbler will not stay seated and want to push up with pressure from the brew. After a week in the secondary, the beer looks really cloudy and will not clear up. The 2 batches are an IPA and APA. Both look nothing like I have seen before (not clearing up). Has the beer been exposed to to much oxygen with the seal not beeing tight? What to do?
asked 2 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

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I would Cold Crash the batch (keep the temp near 45 deg. for 3 days or better)Doing this will cause the yeast,along with suspended solids to sink and form a dense cake at the bottom of the fermenter the beer will contract as it cools ,So have a decent amount of Vodka or grain alc. in the air lock first... if the yeast still will not flocculate out..starsan kills bacteria but Not necessarily yeast's so you might have some living yeast from a prior batch surviving the starsan.

Also I am assuming the issue with the sealing went away after the carboy dried? so extra o2 at the very beginning of fermentation is a good thing. If however the batch was constantly exposed to Air over the fermentation,then Anything could be in it.
answered 2 years ago by Organic_Mechanic (520 points)

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