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how to filter hops from wort

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best method
asked 2 years ago by anonymous

1 Answer

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There are so many ways to Approach this matter,So I will try to be short.
#1 pour the wort (after it is cooled) thru a fine mesh strainer(you will need to get a large fine mesh strainer and Sanatize it Very well) sanatize a spatula or large spoon and scrape the hops to the edges as it begins to clog.

#2 use whirlfloc  or irish moss @last 10 min of boil and stir the brew kettle until the wort is spinning like a tornado,then allow it to come to a rest and Siphon from the side as the trub will tend to form a soft ball in the center of the kettle.(do this with the chiller removed)

#3 use leaf hops in a boil bag

#4Purchase a Hop Blocker or Brew System.
answered 2 years ago by Organic_Mechanic (520 points)

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